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Digitize Credentialing:

The future of healthcare is now!

A lot of visitors go in and out of your healthcare facility daily. Do you have full visibility into who's onsite and whether they have the proper credentials? Can you pass a compliance audit if administered tomorrow? Don't worry, we can help. 


IntelliCentrics works with more than 10,000 healthcare facilities to not only ensure the highest level of compliance but also streamline the process of managing and monitoring vendor compliance.


How do we do it? We digitize vendor credentialing for you, making it an efficient part of your business process instead of an administrative burden. Our digital technology gives you control of and confidence in who's visiting your facility.


Vendor compliance is also made easy and portable when we offer these innovative solutions with our credentialing service.

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Digital badge for contactless check-in

Our digital, wearable badge makes check-in easy, fast, and contactless for vendors. When they use our mobile app to check in and check out, their compliance is displayed on the badge and visible to all facility staff, regardless of where they enter your facility – the main entrance or a side door.

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Real-time onsite tracking dashboard

Our Who’s Onsite dashboard offers real-time visibility into vendors who are checked in and onsite in your facility. It improves your vendor management experience without requiring extra hardware. The dashboard can be displayed on TV, desktop or laptop.

graphic_cms reporting

CMS-compliant, audit-ready reporting

We offer the broadest vendor membership in the industry that includes COVID-19 and Flu Vaccination Credentials for all your vendors - medical or non-medical. This ensures they meet CMS vaccine mandates and helps you keep track of vaccination records for compliance reporting and audits. 

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