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Pass your next compliance audit with ease

AHRMM23 Conference & Expo  Ι  August 6 - 9  Ι  Orlando  Ι  Booth 200

A lot of visitors go in and out of your healthcare facility daily. Do you have full visibility into who's onsite and whether they have the proper credentials? Can you pass a compliance audit if administered tomorrow? Don't worry, we can help. 

IntelliCentrics works with more than 100,000 healthcare facilities to not only ensure the highest level of compliance, but also streamline the process of managing and monitoring vendor compliance.

How do we do it? We digitize vendor credentialing for you, making it an easy and efficient part of your business process instead of an administrative burden, saving you money and people that can be redeployed to more mission-critical, revenue-generating tasks.

Our digital technology lets you know with confidence that your vendors have been vetted and cleared to enter your facility. We can also help you customize reporting to pass any compliance audit with ease.

Visit us at booth 200 to learn more about our technology and see a demo. Or, use the calendar link below to schedule a meeting with us after the show. 👇

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Please fill out the form to book a meeting at AHRMM23

Meet with our team at the show.

If you are interested in a meeting after the show, please use our calendar to schedule it.


Matt Clark

Vice President, Sales

Photo_Eleanor Duncan

Eleanor Duncan

Client Relationship Manager

Photo_Bri Vona

Bri Vona

Regional Vice President, Sales

Visit us and see a demo at Booth 200.

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Ask us about these solutions that come with our credentialing service. 

Digital badge for fast and contactless check-in
Credential-integrated meeting scheduling service
Real-time onsite vendor tracking dashboard
CMS-compliant vaccination solution and reporting